About Us

We are a family business dedicated to bringing new and existing quality fly tying products to you, the fly tyer, at realistic prices.
Wherever possible we aim to break the monopoly the larger retailers and suppliers have on fly tying goods at unnecessarily high prices
Many of our items are not fancy-packaged. If you prefer the wrapping to what is inside and how good it is then we are perhaps not for you.
We charge postage at cost. Padded envelopes and bubble wrap do not come cheap, but we ask only what it costs us to send an order. Please email us if you require a premium tracked delivery option.
Regrettably spools of thread are 25mm so require £2.99 Small Parcel rate. It is not very economic to buy a single spool, and we regret this. However, our favourable prices mean you could order several spools at once for the same postage.
If you are paying by bank transfer please use the account number 
11566761 and sort code 11-06-11. Be aware that some transfers are not immediate, which may delay dispatch of your order.

We are not a physical shop so there are no items to browse. Under some circumstances local callers might be able to collect at out door, but we prefer to post orders.

Flyman UK